Create your SWISS Job application
28-29 November 2020
Get the in-depth support you need to become an employee of choice in 48 hours


You just need to learn how to identify...

• How to express your unique value and your skills 
• How to build a great profile that sells you
• And how to to position yourself as an indispensable member of your current or future company

Because the truth is...
You probably do not have a recession-proof resume ready and you did not create a magnetic profile on LinkedIn to attract job opportunities.

You need to create something different.
You need to craft a new profile, tailored to the specific challenges companies will be faced with in the upcoming months.  And that’s exactly what I am going to help you create during our Virtual Bootcamp.

CHF 99
You have an incredible opportunity right now! 
- If the looming recession is stressing you out and making you feel anxious

- If you feel powerless and worried about your current job
Or you’re afraid that this crisis could mean the end of your work contract…

Then let’s reframe this right now. As a former HR Leader who worked for many different companies and was faced personally with several company lay-offs, this is what I know for sure:

1. Being able to prepare yourself in advance will help you gain a sense of control
2. Being able to see the advantages in a time of transition will create opportunities other applicants won't see
3. Being able to not only get back on your feet but thrive from this new shift

Are you ready to learn how?

Here’s what you’ll walk away with after this Virtual Bootcamp:

  • ​Get a Swiss job application:  Audit +CV+ Letter
  • ​Get the guidance and support you need to get online visibility
  • Attract top recruitment firm contacts and interviews
  • ​Take charge of your career and get prepared
  • ​Get recruiter and HR exclusive specific insider information
  • ​Understand the mindset of highly efficient leaders
  • ​6 sessions online with me as your host (10:00 am to 4:00 pm)
  • ​Group break-out rooms online to get group feedback on your profile
  • ​Access to all the sessions replays after the event for 7 days
  • ​Access to online job hunting resources / templates and documents
  • ​Opportunity to join an Ambitious Leaders Online Club 

What our clients say...

Frequently Asked Questions

• Where are you based?
Isabelle Litzler is based in Geneva, Switzerland since 2015.  You can access my full website here:

How does the bootcamp work? 
The bootcamp is live online during the weekend. You will get 6 sessions. The sessions will be available to you during 7 days.

When are the sessions? 
There will be a live schedule during the weekend and you can replay anytime for 7 days. But we recommend that you take no more than 2 days to go over them and do the work so you can start building up your profile.

• Can I ask questions? 
You can ask all your questions to me during the weekend.

• Do I get personal help to create my profile? 
This is group training.  You get access to my coaching during the Live sessions, break-out room sessions and via email during the weekend.

• Is this bootcamp right for me?
This bootcamp is for ambitious fast-track leaders who want to build a Swiss job application and become the top 1% profiles that companies want to hire. You have to be willing to do the work to get results.

What if I don’t know what I want to do ?
We will dive straight into application building so you need to have a clear idea of where you are headed.  However, I if this is not the case, book a call via my website so we can discuss other alternatives.

My story...

From HR Manager to Online Entrepreneur with a large network in Switzerland in various industries gained over the last 10 years. I now help Ambitious International Leaders elevate their careers to new heights. My mission is to help you build skills and potential so that you can gain financial and mental freedom.

For the last 5 years, I have been helping ambitious leaders like you craft personalised career solutions. My approach is very direct and pragmatic in nature.  I am an action-taker.  

I am based in Geneva, Switzerland since 2015.

When I am not working, I enjoy learning about topics related to digital, tech, artificial intelligence, and psychology. I also enjoy lakes, spas and fashion.  I am also a 

Isabelle Litzler

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