Executive Fast-Track
Become A Recruiter Magnet in 
3 months
Who is it for: Ambitious Leaders

  • Are you ready to create your recruiter magnet profile?
  • Are you ready to get the best offers on the market?
Get the in-depth support you need!

-  Customized plan of action to reach your result(s)
-  Introductions to my business network 
-  Support by email 
-  Private Coaching on how to network online & offline
-  Confidence building
-  Elevator Pitch & Presentation Skills
-  How to approach contacts with confidence
-  How to craft your skills and profile to be seen as an expert
• You are working with passion in your field and honing your skills
• You are living the lifestyle that you always dreamt of
• You have a career that fits your style and personality
• You are no more unknown; you are rather an icon in your industry.
Is this really Possible?

Yes, it is possible. This is what happens when you have the right mindset.  There will always be the best opportunities for those who see them in a world of uncertainty.

 Secret #1: Mindset and Focus
 Secret #2: Premium Personal Brand
 Secret #3: Skills-Market Fit 

CHF 2,000 - Regular Price
CHF 1,800 - Club Member Price
** Inquire when you book the call **

Is this you?

• You want to increase your scope and get more opportunities
• You want to be taken seriously and make an impact
• You want an engaged network around you
• You want to live a fulfilling life
• You want to improve, but you have no successful people around you to inspire you
• There is no one to guide you through the journey 
• You want to become the GO-TO expert in your industry, but do not know how 

You have your creative potential, your spirit and your productivity, remember that your biggest asset is you.

What clients say

Vesela - Management pharma, ZURICH

Online presence and personal branding have become so important to advance your career and I had no clue where and how to start so I reached out to Isabelle and signed up for her executive fast track programme. I was guided professionally every step of the way and managed to completely rebrand my profile and rethink my strategy on networking. Isabelle helped me to think outside of the box and search and create opportunities where you normally would not dare to look for. Isabelle is a highly skilled and knowledgeable expert who can help everyone steer their career into the desired direction. She is a great communicator, noticeably clear in her guidance and passionate to help others achieve their career goals. The job market has never been so demanding, so I strongly recommend working with professional like her in order to navigate and advance your career.
"My mission is to help you build skills and potential so that you can gain financial and emotional freedom."
When I am not working, I enjoy learning on topics related to Digital, Artificial Intelligence and Psychology. I also like lakes, spas and fashion.

From HR Manager to Online Entrepreneur with a large network in Switzerland in various industries gained over the last 10 years. I now help Ambitious International Leaders elevate their careers to new heights.

For the last 5 years, I have been helping ambitious leaders like you develop skills and get better jobs. My approach is very direct and pragmatic in nature. I am an action-taker.  


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